"If you have the opportunity to wake up and do more today than yesterday, then learn more about what you love, so you can DoMorr of what you love."

Jeffrey AnDre's Morris

Photo by @wisdombehindwords

Hello, My name is Jeffrey AnDre's Morris, founder of DoMorr Studios! 

I am a multi-media artist proficient in graphic design, digital illustrations,  music, animation, motion graphics, commercial painting, murals and performing live traditional art. I'm on a journey to learn, know and domorr creative projects that make a positive impact around the world. I have a decade of experience developing brand identity systems, designing local magazines, newspapers and providing marketing strategies for my clients. While my current passion is executing high-end brand identity systems, I also enjoy live painting for charities and events as well as initiating marketing campaigns for start ups, non-profits, seasoned businesses or corporate organizations.

Music is also a deep passion of mine. I can play five instruments including Trombone, Piano, Tuba, Baritone and Trumpet. I also produce beats in Logic X Pro. I tend to lean into an array of jazzy brass, but I also dip into rock, jamtronica, reggae and lo-fi hip-hop. I've been a musician for 20 years, including some time as a member of the Incomparable Marching 100 in Tallahassee, FL from 2008-2012. I currently play for fun and appeared in several venues throughout Austin, TX including The Elephant Room, Empire Control Room and One-2-One Bar to name a few. 


Ambitious, driven, flexible, timely and consistent are my strongest attributes. I am a clear, friendly communicator accustomed to working in a fast pace, transparent environment that is solution driven, thoughtful and organized. My goal is to domorr for the community by facilitating my skills to those committed to making a positive impact on society. What inspires you to domorr? Let me know on the contact page and let's DOMORR together!