Photo by @wisdombehindwords


Hello, My name is Dre Morris, Founder of DoMorr Studios! 

I am a professional graphic designer, illustrator, musician and live artist. I have a decade of experience developing brand identity systems, designing local magazines & newspapers and providing marketing strategies for my clients. While my current passion is executing high-end brand identity systems. I also enjoy live painting for charities and events, creating music and initiating marketing campaigns for start ups, non-profits, seasoned businesses or corporate organizations.

Performing live on stage as a trombonist is also a deep passion of mine. Ranging from jazzy brass, rock, jamtronica, reggae and lo-fi hip-hop, I have played for well over 16 years, including some time as a member of the Incomparable Marching 100 in Tallahassee, FL from 2008-2012. I currently play for fun and have appeared in several venues throughout Austin, TX including The Elephant Room, Empire Control Room and One-2-One Bar to name a few. 


Ambitious, driven, flexible, timely and consistent are my strongest attributes. I am a clear, friendly communicator accustomed to working in a fast pace, transparent environment that is solution driven, thoughtful and organized. My goal is to DOMORR for the community by facilitating my skills to those committed to making a positive impact on society. What are your interests? Let me know on the contact page and let's DOMORR together!